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Common Questions, Answered?

  • How do I qualify as a Personal Trainer?
    This first one is easy, you need a recognised personal trainer qualification. In the UK this is called Level 3 in Personal Training. In Europe it is Level 4, in Australia it is Certificate IV in Fitness, and in most of the rest of the world the standards are related to those in the UK and Europe. However, this level is low and MANY people possess such an award. The key is aspire not to what is called the "minimum standard", level 3 - but to what is necessary to excel as a world class Personal Trainer.
  • Is it easy to find work after I get qualified?
    No, there are many particulalry young people qualifying with their Level 3 award in Personal Training and relatively few gym jobs in comparison. Many people's thinking is just get qualified first and then get a job and then add on what I can as I get going. The trouble with this is it just doesn't work! Instead, think like a trainee physiotherpist or counsellor or dietitian and ask not how can I get started cheaply, but what is the very best course to steer my future career.
  • What do I need to do to succeed?
    You will need to stand out. You will need a set of qualifications that will differentiate you from the rest; you will need a level of competence superior to others and you will need a high level of self confidence to ensure your success.
  • What qualifications will I receive from EiF?
    You will receive our MASTER TRAINER AWARD including Active IQ's Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. Since we are a recognised international training provider you will be able to register with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), the Register of Exercise Professionals UK (REPs), the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPs), Fitness Australia, REPs New Zealand and, indeed, work anywhere in the world. You will also receive your ACSM approved Master Coach award and ILM endorsed Business Mastery certificate. The goal is to help you stand out, not fit in!
  • Where is the School?
    We deliver training in the Maldives, Bahrain and the UK. We run online programs to flexible learning and retreats in Spain and the Maldives.
  • What can I do after the course for work?
    You, of course, can work in a traditional fitness club. Whilst there are more people graduating with their level 3 awards than there are positions, trainer turn-over is high and there are always positions coming up. You will present yourself very differently with an EiF set of certifications, and we are well-regarded by every club that has ever taken on an EiF graduate. Most of graduates, however, choose to remain freelance and operate as a freelance PT either working outdoors, from clients' own homes, hiring local faciltiies such as halls, Leisure Centres and even commercial fitness studios nowadays and pay by the hour to use them when they require. A number go on to open their own studio, some take their business ideas online, some travel, others work with company executives or even corporate fitness and still others run group fitcamps and alike... There really are many avenues to take, assuming you are highly competent, confident and properly preepared for a lasting career in fitness.
  • Can I get level 4?
    Yes, we offer a Level 4 program for our graduates. This is an Active IQ Advanced Personal Trainer award. Most of the content of this award is delivered within our Master Trainer course. However, like ALL level 4 awards in the UK, you first have to graduate with your level 3 and gain industry experience before commencing a program towards your level 4. No training provider can award a level 4 certificate without their students first attaining level 3 and then gaining industry experience first.
  • How does the Online program work?
    Our Online program is awesome. You can complete the online component of the course in ten weeks attending live weekly eClasses or in as fewer as 5 weeks studying via our mobile app using the live recordings to structure your learning. You will then attend your designated 2-week practical at our School where everything comes together. The mobile app offers weekly or daily lessons via the convenience of your mobile phone with live virtual classroom sessions to interact with your Coach and fellow learners. All live sessions are recorded and, so if you miss or are studying on catch-up, no problem.
  • What level of fitness do I need?
    You do not need to be super-fit, lean or model-like in your appearance! Great personal trainers take many forms. They key is to practice appropriate health and fitness behaviours and understand the most successful trainers aren't fitter than less successful trainers. They are better able at getting others fit and healthy!
  • What kind of academic backgound is required?
    We teach everything from first principles to advanced content and no formal academic background in necessary. You will also be studying with an array of different people with various strengths and weaknesses. Where one student finds learning the theory more difficult they may find their life experience helps them in the coaching element. Where one student may not have much traditional "gym" experience, they might be quite aware of how to train people outdoors, for example. You really don't need to worry.
  • What if I have a specific learning disorder?
    You should declare this on your induction form so we are aware and can appropriately support you. We have many graduates over the years with various different learning disabilities. We can help.
  • What if I simply never did very well at school?
    Hardly anyone does. This isn't school. This is an applied practical-based course desiogned to teach compentence and skills with appropraite underpinning knowledge and is taught very differently from what you will remember from school!
  • What if I haven't been been in a classroom for years?
    Don't worry. You won't be alone. We have students in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and several over the years in their 60s. We get it. We are used to a variety of different needs. Everything we do is designed to make learning easy, fun and memorable.
  • How do we fit so much into our courses?
    We have our own bespoke curriculum to ensure we don't waste time on elements that are just not important to the development of a successful fitness professional and take a practical approach to learning helping students learn quicker. The immersive nature of the program is also conducive to accelerated learning and mastery. We can pack in such an amazing array of content because we are a residential school.
  • Will I cope with the intensity?
    We have been delivering personal training courses since 2005 and understand how to make what we teach easy to learn. Yes, you will cope with the intensity due to the fact there are NO distractios here, you are with like-minded fellow students in exactly the same boat. We offer evening tutorials when needed, we live on-site with you throughout the duration and there is no way we would let you struggle!
  • What is PT clinic?
    PT clinic is our unique service only available as we are a residential school where we invite members of the public in every weekday evening to be trained under supervision by our qualifying students. Every student, therefore, picks up 10-15 hours of real life, confidence-boosting experience before they graduate.
  • Why not choose a cheaper provider?
    Choose any other reputable career where you can earn well and be your own boss, and getting qualified will cost you tens of thousands of pounds. I know many physiotherapists, chiropractors, counsellors, life coaches and dietitians, for example, who don't earn as well as many of our graduates do who paid tens of thousands to get qualfiied. We believe the cheap <£2-3,000 courses cheapens the industry making it even more important for more serious-minded students to learn their new profession right and stand out. There are literally tens of thousands of new personal trainers qualifiying every year with standard qualifications and this is no way to distinguish yourself and assure yourself a happy and long career.
  • What support will I receive after the course?
    We don't have centres in every city and thousands of students studying with us. In the UK, we have less than 60 students per year qualifiy with us. ALL of our students are therefore important to us. Therefore you gain genuine support after your course. We state you will receive 24 months support after your training with us as this is a period long-enough to not only get started but feel well on your way. However, the support doesn't just stop after 2 years. We have a closed Facebook group to interact with fellow Master Trainers who are already doing the sort of thing you perhaps might like to do. You get to attend complimentary quarterly free business webinars, access recordings of prior webinars, can download more than 60 done-for-you recipe ideas, program cards and health appraisal forms, food diaries and more. Our goal is to ensure YOUR success!
  • What if I have more questions?
    It is normal to have lots of questions, afterall this is your future career we are talking about. Why not book an appointment and chat on the phone? We would be only to happy to help, and by talking things through you will likely get clearer about what would be best for you.
  • How do I enrol?
    Once you have decided on your course-type and dates and been offered a place there is a simple enrolment form to complete and a matter of transfering the course fees. This can be done via bank transfer, card payment or via PayPal. We offer a discount for full payment upfront or a payment plan to help spread 50% of your course fees.


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