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Would you like to know how be a thriving PT even in your first year after qualifying? 



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How can you THRIVE not just survive even in your first full year after qualifying?

This bit is important.

If you don’t get this right and, instead, start your career working the gym floor, cleaning equipment and tidying up dumbbells after everyone – you will NEVER establish yourself as an authority or be taken seriously as someone who can help clients achieve a result or fix a problem they are currently struggling with.

So how do you get it right?

Fix a major problem your prospective clients struggle with. That’s it. Forget about being a gym instructor first and working your way up to PT. That’s not how it works in reality! A trainer is NOT a gym instructor with an extra certificate.

When you focus everything you do, on fixing the BIG problems clients face, you put yourself in the realm of problem solver. And that is what a great trainer is. And this has nothing to do with your experience per se, but your ability to ensure a result.

People will therefore not pay you based on your personal level of fitness, physique, experience or price (which would otherwise leave you open to a fitter, leaner or cheaper trainer muscling in on your business) but ,instead, pay you based on the extent to which they beleive you can help them get the result they otherwise struggle to attain. And this is about how you position yourself as someone who understands their struggles and can help them solve their BIG problems, and is unaffected by the “competition” when you do this well.

And to be able to actually ensure a great result, we’re back to you needing to be a GREAT trainer. You MUST know how to influence behaviours when you are NOT around, train people with a range of different ailments and conditions, fix posture, develop a strong core, coach nutritional change and so much more. You will also need to market yourself well and position yourself right, and from the very start. And we can help with all of this, of course – it’s what we do!

Everything we do is to this end. To ensure our students excel! And no offense to course providers who churn and burn maybe 2000 level 3 trainers a year (yes two thousand), but that’s NOT what I am talking about. And no offense to those who promises a holiday and a qualification all in one, or an online program with hardly any tuition, just "assessment days" to get signed off as competent. Being "competent" is not what I mean either. I mean highly skilled, 100% confident and ready to transform lives for a living!

Once qualified to what extent will I have to market and sell myself to make money versus enjoy training clients?

Here’s the thing. Making money and enjoying training clients can and should be one and the same. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

When you set up what you do as a solution, the more you earn the better the results for your clients! Seriously, think about it. The more you charge, the more committed your clients are. When they invest an amount of money that would otherwise hurt them if wasted, they too commit their time and effort to the result the money was originally invested to accomplish.

Compare this will say selling a block of 5 training sessions for the price of 4. At £30 a session, this is £120. This is not enough to invoke the commitment you need. And it would only take another trainer to offer this at £110 and you could lose them.

Sell a solution such as a 7 week transformation program including the exact mindset and nutrition coaching you know clients need to really make a shift in the way they will approach things and at £630 for the 3x a week program, people who enrol are committed! And since your program is small group training with 4 clients per group, your income is at £120 per hour, an amount that also ensures your attention and commitment both during and between sessions to ensure every client achieves the result they want.

When you charge properly for the result you sell and have the skills to follow through, you will accomplish both – a great income for yourself and clients consistently achieving great results.

Same for me, of course! I want my students to be optimally committed and invested in ensuring their future success. If I offered free places, cheap training, flexi-pay payment plans, loans and bursaries I would end up with 10x the volume of students but with very little buy-in and, therefore, commitment. And, of course, a smaller group of highly motivated and committed students brings the best out of me and my team too. Do you see the connection?

When you forget this basic principle, you end up doing things on the cheap, which I hate. You end up with way too many people to effectively manage and mentor and, as such, you can no longer ensure the result you are supposed to be selling.

For me, I want to ensure the very best career possible for my students with every one of them up and earning immediately they graduate if they so choose. I can only sell a result having asked what is the very best way to develop their confidence and technical skills by delivering an immersive program and running a residential school. This makes the whole program exclusive, more expensive and much more intense than completing a regular personal trainer course. But then we don’t sell a personal training course, we sell a successful career in fitness for our graduates to earn well, enjoying a happy work-life balance doing what they love for a living. I am hoping you are seeing the difference.

The same goes for you too. Fewer clients, better results! Now, of course, you can be clever and still make accessing you affordable like in my example levering your time and income via small group rather than one-on-one training.

Seek both a great business AND clients achieving great results – they go hand in hand!

What do the BEST and most successful trainers do that enables their success?

They sell transformation, not information! They understand that information is cheap. Most clients, in just a few clicks can access just about all the information they could ever need to get fit, lose weight or improve their performance.

The very best trainers understand that they must sell a SOLUTION not a service and that the solution they sell must enable their prospective clients to achieve the result they want!

This prevents them having to compete on price, removing the need to constantly compare themselves with others and, instead, enables them to focus exclusively and consistently on how best to help their clients achieve the results they desire. And because they don’t sell personal training and, instead, package what they do as a clear solution to the very problems their clients struggle to resolve, once a prospective client finds them, they instantly know they have found the trainer to invest in who will get them the result they want.

So if you want to be the best, your focus must switch from choosing a course to conveniently and perhaps cheaply qualify with a level 2 and 3 in fitness to - what course will best empower and support me to develop the mindset, skills and confidence to best ensure my future clients achieve a result when they choose me?


What MUST be at the centre of EVERY trainer’s business if they are to create a lasting and highly profitable practice?

Clients must be at the heart of every vibrant business! Build everything around this notion and you won’t go far wrong. You see, when you do, you begin to consistently ask:

How can I best serve my clients so that they achieve the results they desire?

You will then ask yourself:

How can I become the very best trainer I can become to best serve my clients?

And these questions asked time and time again will create an approach of continuous self-improvement. And this will show up as a business that, better than any other, creates results for its clients. And this will serve your best interests too, enabling a successful career and business in the longer term. But you must, indeed, be the real-deal PT. You must first become the best trainer you can become!

When you commit to such a focus, and ensure you are the person your clients need you to be, with the skills they need you to possess and the mindset to go with it – you will demand the right price and will be that sought-after fitness professional that people are attracted to.

Put clients first!

Me, too! Here, at EiF, we ask exactly the same of ourselves. We constantly ask:

How can we best serve our students to enable them to enjoy the very best career in fitness thereafter” and “how we can provide the best possible training to empower our students to excel long after their time with us?

We don’t ask: “how can we get more bums on seats, or how can we reduce our outgoings to offer cheaper courses, or how can we train more people for less!”

If we want a better future, we must ask of ourselves better questions. Not what’s the cheapest or easiest way to retrain, but what is BEST possible way to retrain to best serve my future clients and, therefore, my own future business and lasting career?

How to LAUNCH A NEW CAREER WITH CONFIDENCE and transform lives through fitness?

First transform your own. Get clear on the sort of career you want, the income you wish to command and the lifestyle you wish to enjoy (I’m guessing it’s not your current one). Now build a career to this end, one that will serve you and your family! No matter how large or small (and not everyone wants a big business but perhaps hopes for a small practice they can enjoy), the key is to ensure what you do literally transforms the lives of others.

We do this by:

i) Helping you get away from distractions and immerse yourself in your studies

ii) Ensuring the most practical course delivery possible

iii) Offering a chance to train members of the public for real whilst you qualify

iv) Teaching a bespoke curriculum loaded with advanced training including everything you need to be highly technically competent right from the start

v) Focusing on coaching and behaviour change to unsure you can, indeed, shape the habits of your future clients

vi) Driving a strong business theme throughout our entire course

vii) Only enrolling limited numbers of students per course, per year and genuinely offering them the ongoing support AFTER the course to ensure great return on investment!

In summary, when YOU transform people’s lives through fitness, you remove yourself from the competition and can stop worrying about opportunities, job interviews and gym jobs.

People all around the world struggle with their health, weight and fitness and continue to struggle despite an abundance of personal trainers, health clubs, online advice and goodness knows how many websites and YouTube videos they could watch to learn what they need to do.

We don’t exist to make the industry bigger. We exist to ensure a small but significant segment prosper. To succeed you will need to stand out. And you will need to invest in yourself properly. But when you do, you can look forward to a wonderful future.

Looking for a cheap course or a more convenient way to train? You’ll find it! And with marketing today, this might even appear on the outside quite attractive. Your clients in turn one day will be faced with a similar dilemma. They can choose you or find a cheaper and easier route to get fit. We BOTH know where that route leads!

It is true, the fitness industry is thriving. It is estimated to be worth around $88 billion globally and £4-5 billion in the UK. We are seeing a year-on 2.5% rise with 8 million people now members of health clubs in the UK with 200,000 clubs world-wide. It is equally true that most trainers earn less than £20,000 a year and struggle. The turnover is high! Fitness is thriving, fitness professionals are not. You have a choice. There are some pretty big training providers out there all with their conveyer belt of level 3 PTs. Follow the masses or walk your own path and I hope this read helps you make a decision one way or the other.

Great Return on Investment

You will likely only retrain (in fitness) once - make it count!
- We have been training Personal Trainers since 2005 and offer a unique approach and bespoke curriculum for our students...If you are ambitious, if you are someone who likes to do things right or not at all - you will be absolutely the right fit for this course.

In fact, if you can take a moment to imagine yourself2-5 years from now thriving as an industry professional, enjoying the work-life balance of being your own boss loving your new career - and you can see yourself looking back to this moment, what advice would you give yourself?

And this is the BIG question, isn't it? Can you see yourself making this work. If you 100% can, we have no doubt we will be in contact soon. Indeed, when you consider the investment to complete our course in the context of a sustainable career you will enjoy, we know you will see the value!

Spending a little more now clearly can make a HUGE difference to your ability to be successful. ​We understand it is a BIG step. And that the investment isn't just the money, but the time away, time to study and getting way out of your comfort zone. ​

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