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7-Day Business Retreat.

Get away| Create | Launch

grow your business

enjoy a more relaxed life

change more lives

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If your business is running your life and you feel like it's time to take stock
this might be for you


If you feel ready to take your career and your business to the next level
- this is definitely for you


If you are struggling to get your business to where you believe it could be and see that taking it online or part-online could be the answer
- apply today.

Everything we do is designed to ignite passion, inspire success and help you imagine a future you can get excited about.  

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The Maldives


Coming Soon


We have a range of exciting activities to make the whole experience fun and ensure working ON your business instead of IN your business is, indeed, thrilling!


Seriously, if you don’t invest in yourself and your business at least this amount each year (excluding technical skills related courses) you are under-valuing the importance of working on your business not just in it. Of course, you do not have to invest in this particular program or indeed with EiF at all, but invest in yourself you must.




Day One

The mindset of a highly successful online fitness coach

Finding your why and converting it into a viable online business

Your online business concept


Day Two

Building a clear marketing message

Creating a simple but effective mode of delivery

Building out your concept


Day Three

Your marketing and sales

Your sales tools

Your pre-launch


Day Four

Selling a result

Understanding your mechanism

Selling your method

Building your product


Day Five

Product refinement and launch


Day Six

Planning beyond tomorrow

Creating a world class plan

Day Seven

Final adjustments and consolidation

Relaxation, activites and visit to Male all arranged in conjunction with above. This is a fun, impactful and energising get-away!

£1750 shared room

[£350 supplement for single - only 3]

Includes airport transfers, accommodation, breakfast and lunch throughout

A Magical Destination


An exclusive beach hotel exclusively for the retreat. 

What ae you waiting for?



Previous Retreat - La Herradura, Spain

Bruce has created a specialised online Ski-Fit program and retreat-style Kite Surfing with future planned fitness-retreat products.

"Thanks for a great week!! Over the months, I've found many "gurus", discounted some and eventually focused on a few self-proclaimed experts, all claiming to possess the next best quick-fix for the aspiring PT business owner. My inbox has been battered with mail from each and every one of these guys but it's YOU who made the EIF training so special and engaging for me, with your boundless drive and enthusiasm and it's the same YOU I reached out to in my time of confusion and desperation a few weeks ago...then YOU convinced me (more than once) to attend your Genius FitPro Retreat and I'm SO glad I did!


The structure of your activities over the first few days, in conjunction with being dropped into the mix with a bunch of other dynamic, often at times struggling, EIF grads slowly began to renew my faith.


You've pushed me way out of my comfort bubble (as I dare say you have a few other attendees too!) and I'm happy to report that I'm now travelling back home with an infinitely clearer plan of attack and a reborn confidence in my ability to succeed!


The plan feels solid. I feel unstoppable… you've given us the secret weapon; not just a coping strategy, helping us to fight the negativity and doubt, but the all-important accountability that the next 90 days is all about!


Better yet, you've made it feel simple.


No doubt, there's much more hard work involved yet, but I just wanted to thank you for a life-changing opportunity, which has been truly brilliant!"




Emma’s experience over the last 7 or 8 years is now packaged into a 12-month online coaching program with a clear message and USP specifically tailored to her niche market.

"I could spend a lot of time explaining how inspiring the atmosphere was on the retreat - both the setting and the company (it was amazing!).


However, the biggest benefit to doing this retreat, for me, is really being able to zero in on what's most important. Being physically away from home and business life meant I could concentrate 100% on moving my business forward.


I always procrastinate so it was important for me to be with someone who promoted action and simplicity.


Darren's retreat has enabled me to unsubscribe from all of the gurus that I've been reading for the last year.  I've been overwhelmed and confused by all of them and their mixed messages as to what my marketing strategy should be.


Working with Darren has enabled me to focus on what is truly important to me. What I want my life to look like. How I'd like to be working day to day. Working backwards from this point has been the key as it's clarified the type of business model I should have and the types of clients I really want to work with.


I now have a clear picture of how I want to live my life. I have a clear image of my ideal client. I have a clear message in order to reach those clients most effectively.

I have an amazing 12-month program to offer, that I am absolutely confident is going to help all of my clients to achieve their goals.


Darren has given me that confidence and enabled me to truly believe it will happen. I'm looking forward to keeping up the momentum during the 90-day follow up!"




Amy has established her niche around the all-important coaching aspect of making changes that last, taking her women’s fitness business online.

"Firstly, expectations versus outcome. I expected to get a sense of direction after this week but in fact now leave with so much more. I’ve actually ended up launching a new business with an online product that went live yesterday!!!!!


From start to finish I’ve been motivated and focused the whole way and have achieved this in a week, which is unexpected and really exciting.


Going forward now, I have got real clarity in which direction I am heading. Before I was focused on where I was at, but now I am really excited for the future.


In terms of the timetable for the week, it’s been really full of lots of workshop time, which has been really productive but also plenty of time to just work on what we needed to just get done.


But also, we’ve managed to fit in time for relaxation and even a few drinks, plenty of time in the pool and even went out kayaking and snorkelling too.


One of the most important aspects was being with a group of similarly minded people. It was so useful having a small group of people around us who were all so supportive. Everyone was here for a similar reason although with their own thing going on. All in all, I couldn’t recommend it enough; really good value for money!"




Ben has developed his own unique back care program available face-to-face and online that will be feeding into his Masters Academy.


"It’s been really good to get away from daily life. We’ve learned lots about sales techniques and marketing techniques. I’ve been able to isolate myself and just focus on the business but with other like-minded people going through the same process.


More importantly Darren’s helped me establish my core message for my business now clearly around back pain and I now have a good strategy going forward.


We learned about marketing and particularly Facebook marketing, which was really helpful for me and I’m really looking forward to taking it forward and growing my business.


So, if you’re thinking about coming along, I would definitely recommend it!"




Deni, previously a winner of the ladies Italian Open, is launching her golf conditioning and rehabilitation studio with confidence.


"I left for Spain apprehensive and unsure of what to expect, my lack of confidence and clarity of what my business was quite apparent. Fortunately, my worries began to dissipate immediately I walked out the airport and met up with the other 'retreater's', all with similar issues, it was good to know I was not alone.


What followed was second to none with amazing surroundings, a limo to take us to the accommodation, a kayaking and snorkelling experience to break things up between intense working days and like-minded people and the actual content of the retreat was truly outstanding!


Darren's meticulous planning and layout, with guided support constantly and perfect work environment made all of my panic and concerns gradually melt away, and when I left Spain I felt on top of the world, pumped and ready to take on the world, with a clear direction and goal of what I really wanted and where to go with it!


I can honestly say I would still be procrastinating away with no real clue as to how to get my business off to a flying start, now I can confidently say I am in the best place now to make my dreams come true.


Darren definitely is committed to helping us succeed and I'm sure this will continue to shine through over the next 90 days.


Thank you, Darren, for an enlightening and inspiring experience I will never forget!"




Amy has re-launched her women’s group fitness under a stronger and more personal brand helping her studio expand with confidence.


"I have had a fantastic experience on the fit pro retreat. I felt that I needed the time to get away from business to work on my business.


I was feeling quite confused about how to move things forward and wanted the time and space to work on new ideas.


The retreat was fantastic as it allowed me the time and space to really focus and figure out what my next move would be. The structure of the programme is great, Darren spends the entire week with you and is on hand morning noon and night to help and support you. I have developed more ideas in 7 days than I ever would at home.


Getting away as been really beneficial for me. I have particularly benefited from being around like-minded people who share the same difficulties as me and it’s been fantastic sharing ideas and knowledge with each other!


Being a trainer can be a little isolating and I don’t feel so alone anymore. I feel like I have made real connections and I feel I will maintain contact with these people for a long time! I am really looking forward to the 90-day follow up to keep the support going.


The setting is beautiful 5* luxury, it was totally worth the investment, I feel focussed, confident and ready to roll out my new programme in October!"




Ryan is using his business and passion for outdoor and extreme sports to build a retreat business for busy business professionals.


I have just finished the FitPro retreat with Darren Tebbenham, here in Spain in a wonderful setting where we’ve had a very intense 7 days, a very fulfilling week…not for the faint hearted.


It’s really for people who want to drive their business who are ambitious. I’ve strengthened areas of my business that needed strengthening; I’ve improved my message with greater clarity now about who my customer is, what they want and how my product achieves this.


We’ve learned lots about the technology and marketing strategies needed to get the clients I need and this is exactly what I needed to set me up for the future.


I would highly recommend it.



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