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  • Dazza Tebbs

personal training made SIMPLE


  • Do some cardio. 1-2 times a week interval-based and 3-5 times a week longer duration.

  • Do some resistance training. 2 times a week, 2 pushes (compound chest exercises – chest/shoulders and triceps), 2 pulls (compound back exercises – back and biceps) and 2 lifts (compound leg exercises – glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves), 2 sets, 10-15 reps as heavy as can maintaining good form.

  • Stretch. Stretch before (dynamic, moving into and out of the stretch to prepare your muscles and joints for what is about to follow), after (maintenance, hold for 10 seconds or so for recovery) and between workouts (developmental maybe PNF, consider a class, yoga or similar) for improvement.

  • Deploy specific corrective exercises (mostly hip flexor and ITB foam rolling and stretching, hamstring isolation, core stability work, joint mobility drills, pecs and lats release and external rotation / scapula retraction work) to fix postural and technique faults. Done.


  • Eat and enjoy carbohydrates but not too many. Limit sugars but be flexible. Eat too much one day, cut back the next.

  • Eat plenty of protein. Either with every meal or as a healthy snack, maybe consider a supplement.

  • Eat some fats. Focus on unsaturated fats and healthy omega 3s in particular. If in doubt take an omega 3 supplement.

Drink plenty of water, consume plenty of veggies especially the leafy green type and enjoy the occasional treat or perhaps even an alcoholic beverage. Easy. NO PERSONAL TRAINING REQUIRED.

With exercise made so simple and nutrition too, and "simple" is good for the millions of people who struggle to work out regularly and eat consistently healthily, why on earth would anyone ever need a PT? PT MADE SIMPLE.

  • The MOST important role of the modern-day PT is as an Accountability Coach. It is to help create a stronger mindset and support client motivation. This is where we change lives not just train bodies!

  • You see the fix is simple. It is implementing the fix that is the challenge. And this is why the 21st Century Personal Trainer is NOT a gym instructor turned PT, is NOT a fitness fanatic preaching a superior fitness regime (making exercise complicated) or a lean mean fighting machine selling what is essentially just another diet plan (making nutrition complicated).

  • Make no mistake about it today you are a Change Coach.

  • Make fitness fun (boxing, group sessions perhaps), time-efficient (shorted sessions, greater bang-for-your-buck) and cost-effective (less counting reps, more facilitating changes in behaviour / helping hold clients more accountable) and you create a strong business!

  • Uplift and empower people to develop a mindset for success and change their lives forever. Take action.

Darren T

We ignite passion, inspire success and help people imagine a future they can get excited about -


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