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  • Dazza Tebbs

plain Jane felt no pain and so she stayed the same

[Absolutely no offence to any Jane whatsoever] WHY PAIN IS OUR TRUE BEST FRIEND. Plain Jane felt no pain and so she stayed the same, Be honest with yourself, how do you feel - for the truth shall set you free. Embrace your fears for they teach a lesson and one so very profound, Fear is simply a message, not to hang around. For something BIG is coming of that you can be sure, Get ready, these signals you should not ignore! It doesn't matter whether we feel trapped inside a body we just don't like or simply feel old before our time. The process is the same. Fortune favours the brave. Get clear on what it is you most dislike. Feel the pain ten-fold stronger; image a year from now like it is now but ten times worse. Count 1, 2,3 for the truth will indeed will set you free.

Pain can become our very best friend. But we have to be honest with ourselves. If we keep thinking about changing, what holds you back? What is it about your current situation that holds you there even though you want more? What is worse? The fear we associate with change or the pain of staying the same? Here is a simple task.

Take a sheet of paper and write on one side everything you dislike about your current situation. If it is about your weight, health and fitness - write a list about what is you dislike about being overweight, how it negatively affects others you care for, what it is that you most struggle with because of your current weight, health and fitness. How it affects your confidence and self-esteem. Read what you wrote back to yourself. If is about not currently feeling a strong sense of direction when it comes to your work and career, write down what you most dislike about feeling this way. Write about not feeling alive, not enjoying what you do, or the lack of job satisfaction, the staleness or basic lack of oomph when you awake each morning, like this morning! Read what you wrote back to yourself. Now turn the paper over. Write what you most fear about making things right. Maybe feeling embarrassed as you first start jogging, or missing wine from Thursday through Sunday or not connecting as easily with people you enjoy connecting with if you stopped and changed. Or it might be spending money, committing time and effort on something without absolute guarantees, or having to learn again or feeling vulnerable until the new career began to bring in income. Now ask what is worse? Make a call - more successful people in life simply make better decisions than less successful people (true). How do they get so good at making better decisions? Answer: They make more of them. So decide! How do you know if you have really decided? Answer: A true decision is always followed by massive action. If there is no action, there has been no decision.

Darren T

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