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  • Dazza Tebbs

four reasons personal trainers STRUGGLE and ONE critical key that changes everything

1) Many Personal Trainers insist on selling personal training by the hour. This causes two problems. One, it means time-poor clients struggle to find the time. And two, cost-conscious clients struggle to afford their prices.

2) Many Personal Trainers assume their story is of interest. When, in fact, prospects are constantly using the acronym WIIFM to filter the busy world today, especially online. What's In It For Me? Unless, what's in it for your clients is spelled out then often marketing falls on deaf ears.

3) Many Personal Trainers say things like results are made in the kitchen or 80% of results is nutrition. Unless food is but fuel, this is not cool. Food (and drink) is social, highly enjoyable and part and parcel of a balanced life. Nutrition supports exercise when you are a fitness trainer! Not the other away around. A dietitian would drive a nutrition-centric approach, not us. Oh, and the only way diet-only or a diet-based program works, is deprivation. And here's the thing! Even people who want to lose weight, don't really want to only lose weight. So ONLY helping them lose weight won't actually make them say WOW! They want to feel confident, sexy and comfortable again in their own skin. Don't sell nutrition programs, don't sell fitness programs - sell feeling confident, sexy and comfortable, indeed, absolutely awesome again in your own skin!

4) Many Personal Trainers assume their clients to be just like them. They're not. Most clients of Personal Trainers (who are thriving that is, not just surviving), start out put off by the term personal trainer, not attracted to it. Their life is dominated more by asking what's for dinner than how many reps shall I do. They feel uncomfortable in public, especially in a fitness setting or even just in the company of fit people. So seeing fit people prove just how fit they are on social media, really doesn't cut it :)

5) THE ONE THING THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING - Coaching! When we learn to motivate and influence behaviour when we are NOT around, when we coach independence and educate to empower not show off; when we ask great questions, peel away the layers of defence that otherwise stop people changing and truly inspire people from the inside out, that's when we're coaching; that's when we help clients get the RESULTS of their life! And when we sell RESULTS not training by the hour, we sell a SOLUTION. And when people ask WIIFM [What's In It For Me], the answer is blatantly clear....the result, until, now they have been unable to attain.

Pain and Pleasure drive behaviour. Coaching helps create behaviour change and habits creating lasting pleasure, removing the pain that otherwise can last forever. Learn to become a Coach not just ordinary Personal Trainer....if you are not currently qualified and would like to be or are already a PT but would to better coach others - check out our website.

Darren T

We ignite passion, inspire success and help people imagine a future they can get excited about -


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