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choosing YOUR guru

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Making money is important but it isn’t the be all and end all.

You want to 100% believe what you do genuinely makes a difference in people’s lives, right? And you want your life to be the one you LOVE living!

So the name of the game is to make money changing people’s lives in a way that serves you. Who can help?

So the guru who turns over £1 million a month might not be the right match since they have thousands of you (to make the millions) and therefore limited time to “coach” you. Indeed, they no doubt have the blueprint to follow not a “coaching” program at all.

Then there’s the poor guru with no business at all, hoping to make their fortunes by guru-ing others! Really not gonna work is it?

Some well known names are all smoke and mirrors with less substance that you might assume. But that’s another story all-together.

Then there’s me. But I’m no guru. Just a Coach.

My claim is to be a damn good Coach, who brings the best out of others, who really does have experience making money but who’s Coaching isn’t his primary income, but something he enjoys.

My philosophy is similar to that of the old Chinese proverb “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”.

Buy a Blueprint and you buy one way of doing business that may or may not work for you. Get a Coach and learn how to excel in business for life!

I think as a Coach, YOU don’t really teach fitness. I think you help the person you are teaching fitness to grow in confidence, enjoy the journey and master fitness so that they never struggle with fitness or indeed nutrition ever again after you finish working with them.

As a Coach, I work with fitness professionals not to teach them business but to help them grow as business owners, to develop inner strength and confidence that they can build and manage a successful business that will truly serve them in the longer term. Of course this accelerates financial success too, but the outcome is much greater than just earning well.

I think most trainers only train. And when their training ceases most clients go backwards. I think clients who don’t “get with the program” are dropped and abandoned, and I think we can do much better.

I think most business gurus only sell. And in most cases, cheap enough products for the buyer not to complain too much if either they never really use what they bought or it just doesn’t work for them. I think their models rely on mass take-up and I think the industry suffers as a consequence.

I also believe the more you invest, the more accountable you become (and I don’t just mean money) but committing all of you to a specific result is key. And this doesn’t matter whether in the context of getting fit or building a business.

Darren T

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