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  • Dazza Tebbs

10 questions to ask yourself about LIFE and BUSINESS

  1. Am I living my best life doing what I most want to be doing, most of the time, feeling happy doing it?

  2. If not, why not - what stops me making things the way I want them?

  3. If I could make things the way I want them and could somehow remove the barriers, what is my IDEAL life?

  4. Is life just a dress-rehearsal preparing me for the live show after I'm gone or is it for taking by the scruff of the neck and running with?

  5. What amount of money would be my IDEAL amount of money coming in regularly per month every, as my own boss?

  6. If I sat down and sketched my IDEAL lifestyle, what would it be like? What time would I get up, how many hours a week would I work, what would I do at the weekends and how many holidays would I take a year, and where would I visit? What car would I drive, what new adventures would I embark upon, who would I most want to work with, how would I spend my spare time?

  7. If I'm so content and happy with my life the way it is, why am I still reading this post?

  8. What is the meaning of life? Blimey! Seriously, what is life all about? Make it a daring adventure and ensure you feel truly alive and, as you do so, awaken the world around you. Life is amazing - I ask again, are you living your BEST life?

  9. And gain, if not, why not? But no BS! No stories permitted. The truth shall set us free - what truly holds you back?

  10. Lastly, if there was some action you could take TODAY, any action, but definite ACTION that could be taken to re-write your story and start writing your own fairy-tale, what action would move you forwards today?

Darren T

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