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Course Tutors & International Coaches


Founder & Course Coach


Darren possesses an undergraduate degree in sports science and masters degree is sport psychology and was previously a lecturer at the University of Liverpool. He has been a personal trainer in the UK, in Australia and in Spain. Darren has thousands of hours of experience as a trainer and as a coach. Having quit his academic career to become a fitness professional in 2000, Darren also gave up his PhD in motivational interviewing in cardiac rehabilitation and GP referral. Darren has since studied a range of coaching psychologies including the chimp paradox, positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness. He runs My Head Coach helping busy professionals get the support and accountability they need to change their lifestyles and is co-founder of Gloo Fitness Studio in Stratford Upon Avon. Darren is also a business coach offering online coaching for already qualified personal trainers. Darren provides exclusive one-on-one mentoring through the UK course via Zoom with his partner Allison. 


Course Coach & Online Tutor


Allison is an experienced personal trainer and international trainer of trainers.  She has a degree in sports science and specialises in women's fitness. Allison previously ran Zig Zag Women's Fitness & Motivation with over 100 paying clients, is co-owner of Gloo Fitness Studio and has been a leader in the industry for more than 25 years. Allison possesses a degree in sports science and runs Me, You & Menopause, an online coaching business for women. Allison has helped countless students to build their confidence and initiate their new careers in fitness successfully. Allison supports the UK master trainer and mentoring program with Darren.


Partner in Maldives


Yanish is a pilot by trade, owner of several businesses and partner at EiF Maldives. Yanish has also created EiF studios - venues for EiF Master Trainer graduates to hire to run their own fitness businesses without having to be associated with a club. Yanish also developed the EiF FitPRO app, again for graduates to use to better manage their clients, their appointments and bookings at EiF studios. When he in not flying or busy running his businesses, you will find him at Evove Fitness. You can book a chat to come and see him and discuss your future together in confidence.


Partner in Malta


As the founder and director of PLATINUM HEALTH CLUB in Malta, Daniel began his fitness career at the age of 16, acquiring his first diploma in ‘Instructing Exercise and Fitness’. Daniel enrolled at the University of Malta in 2008, to achieve his first degree in Physical Education and Sport, and in 2010 earned his Master Trainer certification at the European Institute of Fitness in Spain.

In 2014, Daniel acquired his diploma in GP Exercise Referral, which helped him branch out and attain experience while working with other health and medical professionals, including physiotherapists, psychiatrists. orthopaedic surgeons and general practitioners. Daniel has also trained athletes to compete in the Olympics as well as clients suffering from an array of conditions and/or injuries.

In 2022, Daniel is gained his master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a particular interest in assessing and evaluating body composition and fitness components in clients. Daniel is the lead coach at EiF Malta.


Senior Assessor


Gareth has been with the European Institute of Fitness for more than 11 years and is the senior assessor and quality assurance manager. Gareth has owned two personal training studios, is also a sports massage therapist and currently works at a hospital mental health ward. Gareth has a been a personal trainer for more than 16 years with vast experience in a range of different settings. 

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