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5 Reasons to become a personal trainer.

If you are currently thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer and are looking into different personal training courses, you might well be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of courses available. And yet, I think you will find, most are actually the same. You will study Anatomy and Physiology, Fitness Principles and a few other modules of a similar ilk and then attend some face-to-face training days to get signed off as competent. Before jumping in, consider first why you might enrol on a Personal Training course. If you start here and read the 5 reasons why you might....this will guide you as to what you need from a personal trainer course other than your certificate. 


1] To be your own boss. This is a great reason to become a personal trainer and one that can enable you to work your own hours, enjoy the freedom of no longer having a boss and, if you get it right, earn a great income! 

2]  To genuinely help people. Another excellent reason to make this change is the job-satisfaction changing people's lives for a living offers. Of course, there are those who work in a gym, counting reps, cleaning equipment and supervising the gym floor for a living. But there are also those who create transformation programs, online coaching programs, small group kick-start challenge programs and don't sell their soul for just a few pound an hour but go to bed every single night knowing they made a difference.


3] Love your job. Of course, the reality is most trainers love fitness. And working in fitness every day means your new job won't feel like work at all. Most people go to work solely to pay their bills. Being a personal trainer enables you to wake up every morning excited to go to work. 

4] Enjoy a better work-life balance. Some trainers work early mornings, like as early as 5.30am, but are all done by 1pm every day! Others work a 4-day week, enjoying a 3-day weekend. Others, may work hard for just a week, perhaps 6 times a year running a retreat-style business and still others might work from home as an online coach with just a few select face-to-face clients in the day. The point is you are in control 

5] To live with purpose. Seriously, people can spend a whole lifetime not really engaging with what they do, getting their kicks solely from their weekend and holidays once or twice a year to maintain their sanity. Running your own fitness business can offer a wonderful opportunity to find your voice and, in turn, help others find theirs!

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