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What’s the difference?


In an effort to mass-produce, most personal training courses have follow the path of least resistance. That is to become a gym instructor (level 2) and then progress to personal trainer (level 3).


Every other training provider fundamentally runs the exact same program. The difference only being how they present themselves in their marketing.


The UK now produces thousands and thousands of identically qualified personal trainers trained in anatomy and physiology, a portfolio of course work and a practical assessment with very little actual face-to-face tuition. And yet the job is a practical one. 


Knowing how to coach nutritional change, correct common postural problems, deal effectively with people with a whole array of specific conditions is, today, par for the course. And personal trainers need to be able to manage such clients right off the bat.


The European Institute of Fitness has never deployed a separation between level 2 and level 3, or indeed level 4, certifications. We don’t believe a successful personal trainer must first work in a health club as a gym instructor "to learn the ropes" before becoming a personal trainer. Indeed, when someone follows this root, typically they pick up many bad habits from the gym environment losing their passion and enthusiasm for wanting to truly help people. 


Instead, we developed our own bespoke curriculum based on experience around the world modelling examples of good practice and strong scientific principles that guide our teachings.


This curriculum includes level 2, level 3 and level 4 awards but offers an integrated approach and unique perspective designed to accomplish one thing and one thing only. And that is to empower our graduates to excel. 


We offer our students a PT clinic experience so that they can accumulate several hours of real-life experience with members of the public whilst they qualify. Providing the amount and quality of practical-based learning rather than simply assessing portfolio-based evidence of competence is where we differentiate ourselves.


We don’t boast the highest numbers in terms of graduates qualifying per year, but those we do train are better trained than any other by far and subsequently go on to be highly successful and love their new job.

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