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You will likely only retrain as a Personal Trainer once, make it count. The key isn't in the piece of paper you hold saying "qualified" but the training you undergo to get it!


Darren Tebbenham, BSc, MSc
EiF Founder




From the desk of
Darren Tebbenham
Cotswolds, United Kingdom
September 2021

Dear fitness enthusiast,

Hi. I am genuinely excited for you. There couldn't be a better time than the present to discover the fire inside of you and start living your BEST life as a successful and sought-after fitness professional.

In this letter I will share with you some important truths about what it will take to become highly successful, especially in a crowded industry. These truths are based on the success of our 3000 graduates from 6 continents and more than 30 different countries around the world.

If you are wondering whether being a fitness professional is right for you; whether it will pay and whether you'd be any good at it, I understand!

It's not for everyone. The pre-requisits most certainly are NOT your fitness level. But they are your genuine desire to actually HELP people!

If you seek a career you can really get your teeth into and one that pays BOTH financially and in terms of fullfilment - READ ON


If you are researching but don't really know what you are looking for and find yourself procrastinating and fearful of either choosing the wrong course or simply the wrong profession, this letter will most definitely help!

Choosing a cheap course, following the masses, qualifying with the exact same qualifications as every other trainer out there, failing to differentiate yourself, competing on price, working unsocial hours, earning a poor income and, at the end of the day, falling short are the very REAL concerns of many new and aspiring fitness professionals.

If you want to avoid all these frustrations, obstacles and barriers there are four compelling truths I will share with you that I truly believe will serve you whatever your final decisions and direction for your career...

If you are here because you REALLY do want to make a difference and stand out as a leader and add value to what is equally a very exciting and growing industry, you are not only in the right place but are about to launch yourself at exactly the right time!

But first…


Beware! Many people "qualify" in fitness but very few ever feel qualified to actually change people's lives for a living. Don't follow the masses. 

It takes a great deal more than just knowing a few muscles and how to “train” people to be successful in this industry.

Being capable of selling a true solution to people’s needs and positioning yourself as the go-to expert takes a great deal more than just being "qualified".

But mostly, actually changing people's behaviours i.e. creating new habits is no mean feat! Don't beleive "all you need is a basic level 3 award and a good marketing blueprint". 


Let’s start to get to know one another a bit better and explore these 4 truths of success…



The first truth you should know is that you need to be the "real deal", meaning able to operate as a behaviour change expert. You must be able to change what people habitually do to ensure they can accomplish and maintain the results you promise. If not, you’ll start selling what you do by the hour and end up competing with the cheapest trainers out there driving your prices down and frustrations up.


Think about it. It’s NOT what you do when you are with your clients but what they do when you’re NOT around that counts most!


You will also need to know all about exercise and nutrition to confidently steer people in the right direction. It's not going to be good enough to offer them an insight into how you train. You will need a principle-based approach and a client-centred perspective from which to offer your exercise and nutrition guidance and support. 

If you want to wake up every morning excited and loving what you do for a living…if you want to go to bed every single night feeling proud about the people’s lives you have changed…and if you want to actually get paid for this and well, KEEP READING!

So, who am I to be sharing this with you? And what makes me qualified to think I can offer such an insight?

My name is Darren Tebbenham and I am the founder of the European Institute of Fitness. I have been a trainer of trainers since 2001 and opened EiF in Spain in 2005. For the past 16 years we have trained more than 3000 students from 6 continents now thriving in more than 30 different countries around the world. I run a Personal Training studio business, operate as an online business coach and teach on our personal trainer courses here in the UK, in the Maldives and in the Middle East. 

We don't sell qualifications; we sell careers in fitness!

Don't work as an instructor in a health club, be your own boss.

Don't train bodies, train people.

Don't just "get qualified" but retrain with confidence!

We position ourselves very differently than any other training provider. We do NOT measure our success on being the biggest or most well known in health clubs. We measure our success based on the success of our students. And we believe their success hangs on their ability to embrace and apply these 4 truths. 

We believe YOU too should position yourself differently from other trainers. Indeed, we believe you will need to position yourself as an expert who doesn’t just treat the symptoms of an inactive lifestyle but the root cause as to why so many people struggle with their weight, health and fitness.

And yes by the way, I am a PT. I was a Personal Trainer at the Hilton in Regent Street, London. I ran my own fitness studio in Spain and worked as a PT at one the world’s largest PT studio chains in Australia. I am also co-founder of Gloo Fitness Studios.

Yes, I have an educational background too. I have a degree in sports science and master’s in sport psychology and was formerly a lecturer at Liverpool University before part way through my PhD I made my own career change into this industry. And have never looked back :)

“It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives, but those most able to adapt” (Darwin)


Over the years the fitness industry has become flooded with poorly trained level 3 instructors. As other training providers cut their prices, reduced course content, automated delivery and mass-produced their courses to compete, we did the opposite. 

We raised our prices, improved our course content and stopped selling courses and started selling a true solution for those who genuinely wanted to stand out and thrive. We added more business and coaching to our program and in recent times more online application to ensure our graduates continue to stand out. 



Times are changing!

No longer is it OK to follow the crowd

No longer is it OK to sell a service

No longer is it enough to just get "qualified" 


And so, to truth number two - you must sell a result. It is as simple as that. It stops you having to compete on price. It prevents comparison and it differentiates you from the masses. This simple realisation we made a few years back made us add far more business into our training programs. It made us feature the “coaching” element i.e. the part that teaches you how to change people’s behaviour. 

We really don’t sell fitness courses at all. We do, indeed, sell successful careers in fitness. And this isn’t just a sales line. We deliver a program to ensure our students succeed. We are passionate about it and channel all of our efforts to this end!

Just as you MUST do so too. For us it’s not about the modules or the certifications or the registrations after you finish, but yes the program in amazing, you can register with REPs and CIMSPA and EREPs and travel and gain a £5 million insurance policy as a fitness professional covering you for everything you study with is. But this isn’t the important part.

What no one else can do is offer the expertise and total dedication to one thing, and that’s the end result. For you, this is a career you can really get your teeth into where you stand out because of the results you help your clients attain.


You will love what you do because you will be good at it and that isn’t about teaching squats and lunges but about shaping people’s lives…


Truth three is about keeping things simple and fact, as I have already stated it is what clients do when you are NOT around that counts most! 

The lies

The deception

And the outright fraud…


If they did they would train in behaviour change and habit coaching not just bench pressing and squats. This is where you will stand out and command an audience!

Most training courses don’t either. Otherwise, they too would do what we do. But they don’t. And the reason they don't is that it is harder to learn how to change people’s behaviours and habits than teach squats. It takes real expertise to teach it too. And that's what we will teach you. 

Some alarming facts!

By 2030 scientists can show if nothing changes half the population will be obese and more than 80% of the population will be overweight. Alarming?

It should be.

Is it because going keto just doesn’t work? No

Is it because intermittent fasting doesn't work? No

Is it because cardio makes you fat? No

Is it because resistance training fails to raise your metabolism? No

Is it that creating a calorie deficit doesn’t actually work? No, of course not

So what is it?

The answer is that people STOP!

That’s it. Regardless of the specific nutrition approach they had adopted and irrespective of the particular fitness program they started, had they NOT stopped they would have likely accomplished their goals. 

It’s no more complicated than that. People start but they don’t finish. They stop. And because they stop they don’t get results.


When it comes to what actually works, the truth is boring old routines with regular compound lifting and daily huffy puffy exercise works. The simple truth is eating and drinking sensibly and dealing with problems around snacking, alcohol and emotional based calorie consumption works. It’s not sexy. But it works.

Everything else falls short in the end. Pills, potions, lotions, bands, belts and wraps just don’t work. And if you are anything like me you are tired of seeing people do this to themselves. You feel compelled to help and feel motivated to fight back.

You and I both know that in order to live our fittest, healthiest and most rewarding lives we must master and repeat the same old routines and habits again and again in our training and nutrition every day.

This is not a cool message. But it is the only way. The more accountable, consistent and committed your clients, the better results they will attain and sustain long term. That’s it. And your number one role is to help them become more accountable, consistent and committed. And when you do, they will get amazing results, you will be paid really well standing out as the coach who gets clients results! There are no shortcuts. People all around the world need this help. And they need it now.

Your market is huge. There is little competition now we have clearly defined the job that needs doing. People need you and they need you now!


It is sickening and frustrating to see celebrities backing the most ridiculous of diet programs and workouts with so-called experts offering blueprints and quick fixes to hack success.


The weight loss industry is worth billions.

But get this, even the fitness industry has witnessed an 800% rise in total numbers of qualified fitness professionals over the last ten years

...and yet a pandemic far greater and longer standing than COVID-19 aka obesity and type 2 diabetes continues to run rampant throughout society.

It’s time to fight back. And you are the next hero in waiting…


And so, onto our final truth number four, your WHY. You need to identify with and communicate your why. Your why is likely connected with a high desire to get to the root cause of your clients' problems. Sure, you will need to program well, correct poor posture, know about nutrition, how to train clients with specific medical conditions and injuries etc. But at the end of the day if you can’t help them change their daily practices, you’ll never stand out or command the attention of those you seek to help. And this desire to do whatever it takes to serve those you wish to inspire and support as a fitness coach will become your why. 


You want a successful career in fitness. One you can enjoy and feel proud of! Become a professional problem solver and communicate what you really do and why you do it and you will likely achieve your dreams.

The more and bigger the problems you solve, the more you get paid. 


Given the size of the problem I have spent the last few minutes outlining and the simple fact that without you people simply cannot fix their own problems, the opportunity is huge!

Yes, being your own boss sounds amazing, right? Loving your job and feeling fulfilled every day. But only if you can solve the BIG problems people struggle with!


Just as your clients must break free from their diet mentality, you mustn't think like the average fitness professional, either.


I know you are serious about wanting to actually help people to be fit and healthy. These people currently hate fitness partially because fit people scare them.


And so taking photos of your chicken, broccoli and avocado lunch and posting it on your social media or, indeed, doing one-handed press ups whilst taking a selfie is not only pointless, but the exact opposite of what you need to be doing to help those who hate fitness, broccoli and avocado to warm to you, never mind buy from you.


And if you want to mostly train already fit, keen to get even fitter people your thinking is limited. Your income is proportional to the size of the problems you fix. Fix small problems and earn small.


Fix BIG problems like how to STOP people stopping and beat their conditioned self-sabotage, emotional eating, stress-based snacking and drinking and, well, your impact and income is limitless.


If this excites you, why not check out more about our courses below.




P.S. If you’re like me and you generally skip to the end, then I’m going to have to put my coach hat on and advise you differently on this one...Why?  


Skipping the letter and reading a "P.S." won’t help you make the decisive decision you must to thrive in this industry. Trust me, you’ll receive greater benefits if you study the words at the top of this page closely; they stem from helping thousands of people just like you :)


P.P.S. Now, if you’ve read the letter and you’re ready to proceed, let me tell you more about how we do things -


Who else wants to love their career as a successful and highly sought-after personal trainer?

The European Institute of Fitness offers personal trainer courses to those most serious about a new career in fitness. Wuth many different personal training courses to become a personal trainer it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. However, one thing is for sure. You get out of life what you put in. Looking for a cheap and easy course just isn't consistent with wanting to have the best chance possible of becoming a personal trainer and thriving. The best personal trainer courses don't simply assume being fit is all you need plus a piece of paper saying qualified. Instead, they teach students how to correct poor form, fix faulty posture, coach nutritonal change, deliver small group PT, coach a more positive mindset and help people build a business so that they genuinely can be their own boss and thrive. Not all personal trainer courses are made equal. Enjoy looking through this site and best of luck with your research into how to become a personal trainer.