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No ordinary Personal Trainer Course


Online Personal Training course with Weekend Practical to graduate confident and ready to work and earn as a professional trainer!. 




The key to success if you want to enjoy a lasting career in fitness is knowing how to change people's behaviours!

Darren Tebbenham

My name is Darren Tebbenham and I have been a PT since 1998. I left a career as a university lecturer to become a personal trainer and have since worked at one of the largest PT studio chains in the world in Australia, at the Regent Street Hilton in London, as a mobile PT in Spain and presently operate a growing PT studio chain here in the UK. 

Today, the European Institute of Fitness has more than 3000 graduates from more than 30 different countries around the world. My background is in psychology and behaviour change and our courses teach students how to deliver technically competent personal training alongside easy to implement nutrition with one thing in mind: a sustainable result for every single one of your clients.

It's NOT what you do in your personal training sessions that counts but what your clients do when you are NOT around...

     ...it's what clients eat and drink most of the time and  

     ...the cardio they do between PT sessions with you


...that mostly determines the result they get!

We offer a fully accredited training program to gain your Master Trainer qualification (including Focus Awards Diploma in Personal Training) and, therefore, access to the CIMSPA register in the UK, EREPs in Europe, Fitness Australia, REPs New Zealand and, indeed, the ability to work anywhere in the world as a Personal Trainer. 

But more than this, we layer on the specific training you need to stand out and ensure your clients achieve lasting results. It will be your ability to build a practice based on this that will enable you to love your job, earn a great living and be your own boss. Ready? 


How it works

PT Foundation

Home Study

Theory - get started immediately
Compulsory component to gain Level 2/3 qualification
Optional component if you already have Level 3 award
EiF MasterTrainr

Weekend One

Practical PT delivery
PT box and pad work
The business of results-based program writing
Client on-boarding, assessment & ongoing motivation
Flexible nutrition & accountability
Including Level 2 & 3
Master Trainer
EiFMaster Coach
Master Coach
Advanced coaching skills
Nutrition coaching & consultation
Client administration and support

Weekend Two

Including Level 4
EiF Success
Business Mastery
Sales training & client acquisition
Online & offline marketing
Management systems and business growth

Weekend Three

Including 1:1 mentoring

Getting qualified is easy.

Start learning online and then attend our Master Trainer weekend practical. Assessment is completed during the weekend training. You will need to arrive in Stratford Upon Avon before 10.30 am on the Saturday. We will finish around 6.30 pm starting again on Sunday morning from 8.30 am. There are plenty of hotels in and around Stratford for those requiring overnight accommodation. 

Getting your clients a result isn't just important, it is critical if you are to stand out and avoid competing for clients on price. We will teach you how to deliver cost-effective and time-efficient personal training that delivers a result. We will show you how to integrate nutrition coaching into your work. You will learn the right way to take weights and measures that track your clients' progress. And you will learn how shape people's mindsets and habits so that you stand out as the fitness professional who creates lasting results for their clients.  

You will be taught my two expert tutors with more than 50 years of industry experience between them currently operating as personal trainers and PT studio owners. No other program can offer this level of practical training and expertise. We most certainly avoid going through the motion of just teaching anatomy and physiology, a bit of gym and an assessment day leaving your professional competence to your own personal fitness journey, YouTube and Instagram. Once this first weekend is completed you are done, certified and ready to earn. 

Advance to weekends 2 and 3 when you are ready. When you are ready, if you so choose, you can advance to weekends 2 and 3 where we will teach you more. We will show you how to borrow from life coaching and really get inside the minds and lives of your clients to create truly transformational change. We will show you how to use simple nutrition science to show-case your ability to stand out and excel as the "change" coach who delivers every single time. And we will help you create a robust system to accomplish this with every single client.   

The European Institute of Fitness offers personal trainer courses to those most serious about a new career in fitness. Wuth many different personal training courses to become a personal trainer it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. However, one thing is for sure. You get out of life what you put in. Looking for a cheap and easy course just isn't consistent with wanting to have the best chance possible of becoming a personal trainer and thriving. The best personal trainer courses don't simply assume being fit is all you need plus a piece of paper saying qualified. Instead, they teach students how to correct poor form, fix faulty posture, coach nutritonal change, deliver small group PT, coach a more positive mindset and help people build a business so that they genuinely can be their own boss and thrive. Not all personal trainer courses are made equal. Enjoy looking through this site and best of luck with your research into how to become a personal trainer.