The first truth you should know is that you need to be the "real deal", meaning able to operate as a behaviour change expert. You must be able to change what people habitually do to ensure they can accomplish and maintain the results you promise. If not, you’ll start selling what you do by the hour and end up competing with the cheapest trainers out there driving your prices down and frustrations up.


Think about it. It’s NOT what you do when you are with your clients but what they do when you’re NOT around that counts most!


You will also need to know all about exercise and nutrition to confidently steer people in the right direction. It's not going to be good enough to offer them an insight into how you train. You will need a principle-based approach and a client-centred perspective from which to offer your exercise and nutrition guidance and support. 

If you want to wake up every morning excited and loving what you do for a living…if you want to go to bed every single night feeling proud about the people’s lives you have changed…and if you want to actually get paid for this and well, KEEP READING!

So, who am I to be sharing this with you? And what makes me qualified to think I can offer such an insight?

When it comes to what actually works, the truth is boring old routes with regular compound lifting and daily huffy puffy exercise works. The simple truth is eating and drinking sensibly and dealing with problems around snacking, alcohol and emotional based calorie consumption works. It’s not sexy. But it works.

Everything else falls short in the end. Pills, potions, lotions, bands, belts and wraps just don’t work. And if you are anything like me you are tired of seeing people do this to themselves. You feel compelled to help and feel motivated to fight back.

You and I both know that in order to live our fittest, healthiest and most rewarding lives we must master and repeat the same old routines and habits again and again in our training and nutrition every day.

This is not a cool message. But it is the only way. The more accountable, consistent and committed your clients, the better results they will attain and sustain long term. That’s it. And your number one role is to help them become more accountable, consistent and committed. And when you do, they will get amazing results, you will be paid really well standing out the coach who gets clients results! There are no shortcuts. People all around the world need this help. And they need it now.

The European Institute of Fitness offers personal trainer courses to those most serious about a new career in fitness. Wuth many different personal training courses to become a personal trainer it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. However, one thing is for sure. You get out of life what you put in. Looking for a cheap and easy course just isn't consistent with wanting to have the best chance possible of becoming a personal trainer and thriving. The best personal trainer courses don't simply assume being fit is all you need plus a piece of paper saying qualified. Instead, they teach students how to correct poor form, fix faulty posture, coach nutritonal change, deliver small group PT, coach a more positive mindset and help people build a business so that they genuinely can be their own boss and thrive. Not all personal trainer courses are made equal. Enjoy looking through this site and best of luck with your research into how to become a personal trainer. 



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