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14 Advantages of choosing EIF

14 points to clarify the difference between our training here at the European Institute of Fitness and other PT Courses

1. Residential – Eat, Sleep and breathe personal training.
A 24/7 personal training experience for either 4 (full time) or 2 (online study) weeks.

VERSUS Commute - Daily or part-time to nearest centre sometimes only 2-3 x a week full-  time.

2. Practical – Hands on training, 6 days a week.

A non-intimidating optimal learning environment at our private school to enjoy your entire experience.

VERSUS Classroom-based or home study course delivery with limited tuition / contact time.


3. Bespoke Curriculum – Fully Comp!

21st century, fully comprehensive, with everything you need to launch into a new career with confidence.

VERSUS An off-the-shelf - level 3 course just like every other personal trainer.


4. PT Clinic - Train members of the public for real.

Gain 15 hours of real life PT experience before you leave.

VERSUS No clinic with student-on-student practice only (at best).


5. Private Facilities – Exclusive facilities for our students. 

Helping students refine their skills and apply their learning practically every single day. 

VERSUS Commute to a busy local gym or leisure centre and often practice alone. 


6. Structured live online course. 

Our online course contains more taught practical hours (>120) than most full-time courses to build your confidence. 

VERSUS Self-paced home study with weekend assessment days, limited taught practical!

7. Internationally recognised qualifications.

Stand out from the crowd with national and internationally recognised qualifications.

VERSUS Gym qualifications, leaving ready only to apply for a gym job with the exact same  qualifications as everyone else.

8. Business Coaching.

Business workshops including everything from business set-up, website design,      marketing, product development and sales.

VERSUS No business.

9. Lifestyle Coaching.

How to coach nutrition and lifestyle change, help manage stress and stand out as a fitness and nutrition coach.

VERSUS No coaching / limited practice and gym-floor based mentality only. 


10. Supermarket Tour.

Learn real nutrition skills and apply them when we take you around the local supermarket to teach you how to deliver a supermarket tour.

VERSUS No supermarket tour - theory based nutrition only (or no real nutrition at all).


11. >90% of graduate’s working and earning as paid PTs.

Lasting career success.

VERSUS < 20% (national average) of PTs able to transition into paid work.

12. Invest in your career.

Value for money if a lasting career is your goal.

VERSUS Cheap training on a mass-produced off-the-shelf course costing you more money in the longer term or worse, no career at all...


13. A small exclusive school - maximum of 60 graduates per year.

One UK based school, with an expert training team giving you as much face to face coaching as you need to learn your new profession.

VERSUS Conveyor belt approach of more than 2000 students per year per provider to join the masses. 

14. Level 4 – Content already covered in our master trainer course.

A simple upgrade-only required.

VERSUS If covered at all, only started following completion of a L3 course then can take up to 12 months of online study to finish.

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