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3 Pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Not all Personal Trainer courses are made equal. There any many thousands of personal trainers every year qualifying with their level 3 personal trainer qualification. And as such there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. Here are three common ones and how to avoid them!


1] Starting with low self-confidence. Clients buy personal training packages for a reason. And often that reason is because THEY lack the confidence to achieve the results they desire on their own. They look to their trainer to provide some certainty about their journey and to instil some confidence in them! 

This pitfall is all too common. And the catch 22 is to pick up some experience so you can develop that confidence and yet without that confidence it is notoriously difficult to pick up clients.

- The fix: Our PT clinic experience offers 15 hours of real life personal training experience before you even graduate to absolutely ensure you feel 100% confidence right from the get-go! There is literally no better way to get started with your best foot forwards!

2]  Lowering your pricing. The mistake that comes hand-in-hand with number one above is to assume being cheaper will help your cause. And it doesn't. Firstly, there will always be someone who will go cheaper than you are prepared to go. Secondly, price conveys value and cheaper often signifies less value and thirdly clients simply achieve a better RESULT when they pay more.

The success of your new career depends on the degree to which you are enjoying it. Training people for less than you are worth will not lead to a long-term successful career - start out as you mean to go on!

- The fix: Don't learn how to pass your driving test (your level 3 PT award), learn to drive like a racing driver (our Master Trainer program). All the practical training, the much more comprehensive curriculum, PT clinic and the opportunity for tremendous personal growth whilst with us 24/7 ensure you charge what you are worth and have the business skills to know how to do it right! 


3] Fitting in. Following others, copying others, being led by others in general carries high risk especially when you don't really know how well those you follow are actually doing! Creating your own path takes more effort in the first instance, but ensures you stand out and helps you differentiate yourself from the start. Most new Personal Trainers, probably because of low self-confidence and being too cheap, get lost in the pack. It is a competitive world out there and differentiate yourself you must. 

The Fix: Simple isn't it. Avoid the MOST common courses. Avoid the masses. Instead, look for a bespoke course with limited student numbers but maximum return on investment. If a course qualifies 1000 trainers a year and 50 are successful, 50 might seem like a good number. This is a 5% success rate. If a course qualifies less than 60 students a year and 50 go on to enjoy a long and successful career thereafter, this is still 50 but an 85% success rate. If an extra spend now could multiply your chance of success 22-fold, wouldn't that be a great investment!

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