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5 Steps but not what you might think.

Often people assume the process to become a Personal Trainer to be something like chose a course you can afford, get qualified, apply for a job, get a job. 


1] Decide where you want to more or less be 2-5 years from now. I don't mean you need to know exactly what you will be doing or who you will be training. But know from the start is it to work for a gym, for yourself or open your own fitness business. Start with an end in mind.   

2]  Work out how to get there. Still don't focus on qualifications or course providers just yet. Ask, instead, what skills, knowledge and training will I need to get where I want to be? Ask will you get a job in a gym and work your way up or would you prefer to fast-track things a little. Get clear first on your ideal!


3] Don't pay a course fee to get qualified, invest in ensuring you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to succeed. A piece of paper saying qualified, is just that. Passing your driving test is like having a piece of paper saying qualified. Learning to drive, however, is another thing altogether. Ensure you can drive not just gain a certificate saying you can! 

4] Be business smart. There is no way of getting around this, today's fitness professional knows how to build a clientele, how to manage their clients and grow their income. In fact, today this is absolutely essential from day 1!


5] Be qualified, insured and stand out in the marketplace. Our final point is where may start. Yes, ensure you hold robust certifications that are recognised by the likes of REPs UK, EREP (Europe), CIMSPA and in the UK this is what is called the minimum standard, level 3. But don't limit yourself by this level either. 

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